"I won't have her in the house with Anelia. I won't take that risk."
KD - Ramona
Ramona Days (née Bennett)
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7 December 1975

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  • Mrs Days
  • Mum
  • Mona


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Dark ash brown hair

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Realestate Agent

-Ramona Days, upon hearing about Kasia's werewolf attack

Ramona Days (née Bennett) (b. 7 December 1975) is a Muggle woman who works as a Realestate Agent in Manchester. She is a widow to a man who's name and details are unknown. Her two daughters are Kasia Days and Anelia Days. When Kasia was infected by a werewolf, Ramona disowned her out of fear for her and Anelia's safety.


Early lifeEdit

Ramona married a man when she was 26 years old, and had her first daughter, Kasia, a year after. Her second daughter, Anelia, was born in 2004, one and a half years after Kasia. Her husband died of an unknown cause when Kasia was three and Anelia was two years of age.

Life as a widowEdit

When Kasia showed signs of underage magic when she was only five, Ramona favourited Anelia more. She disowned Kasia after she was attacked by a werewolf in 2008.

Physical descriptionEdit

Ramona Days has dark, ash brown hair, olive skin and brown eyes. She is tall and has soft and round features. Her youngest daughter inherited all of these qualities. Kasia, on the other hand, only inherited her skin and hair.


"Now don't give me that preposterous werewolf tale. Is that some kind of sick joke?"

Ramona is a stubborn and fierce woman, who is intent on protecting her family. She discriminates against werewolves and even, it seems, wizards.


Late husbandEdit

Ramona presumably had a good relationship with her late husband.

Kasia (daughter)Edit

"As long as she is a beast she isn't Kasia anymore!" ... "She is not my daughter!"

Ramona and her oldest daughter had a good enough relationship before Kasia began showing signs of magical ability. Ramona cut herself off from Kasia after that somewhat. After Kasia was attacked by a werewolf , she severed their relationship completely, disowning her daughter and refusing to see her.

Anelia (daughter)Edit

"I won't risk my life, and certainly not my daughter's."

Anelia was the 'favourite' of Ramona's, according to Kasia, especially after Kasia showed signs of underage magic. Their relationship was always good. Ramona is over-protective over Anelia, not really allowing her to make her own decisions, but decides for herself what would be best for her youngest daughter.