Kasia Days was attacked and infected by a werewolf while exploring a forest in the winter of 2007.

Kasia and Anelia copy

Kasia and Anelia Days


Description of eventsEdit

"Werewolves? Yeah, right. You know those are only in fairytales."

Kasia persuaded her younger sister (ages six and five, respectively) to explore a forest near their home. Anelia was reluctant and mentioned that there were werewolves and dragons in that forest, but Kasia scoffed.

When they both heard a growl, Kasia told Anelia to be silent and pushed her behind her protectively. When the werewolf came out from behind the trees, Kasia yelled at Anelia to run, and, after the werewolf ran after her little sister, threw a rock at the werewolf's head, displaying outstanding courage and selflessness.

The werewolf turned on Kasia and attacked her, and just before she lost consiousness, she used underage magic to knock it off her. At this point, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter came and transported her to St. Mungos, having received an alert about a werewolf.


  • Kasia's mother disowned her when she found out about Kasia's infection
  • Kasia and Anelia lost contact
  • Kasia was adopted by the Woods (Katie, Oliver) and befriended their two children, Demeter and Apollo
  • Kasia became more withdrawn since the attack
  • Kasia made the resolve to cure lycanthropy