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The Friendly Nightshade
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Orpheus Manta




The "Friendly Nightshade" is a deadly nightshade that never dies, and it lies at the entrance to the Abscondita Headquarters. Instead of being purple and yellow, like ordinary nightshades, it is red and green, and closed at all times except when being used to open the Headquarters, when it blooms. It was dubbed the "Friendly" Nightshade by the more cheerful members of the Abscondita.


The Friendly Nightshade was created by Orpheus Manta, and used thereafter as the entrance for the Abscondita Headquarters. Some of the more serious members of the group wanted to name it something meaningful, but when Orion Days joked about calling it the Friendly Nightshade, the name stuck.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The deadly nightshade flower is allegedly suppsed to represent danger, deception and death. The Abscondita goes against all three of these things, which may be the reason why this particular plant is called the "Friendly" Nighshade, and why its colours are completely different.